Friday, September 5, 2008

Redwood Park

Without a doubt, one of my favorite things to do is take the kids to Redwood Park. It is beautiful and peaceful there in every season. I love sitting and watching the kids play in the playground and listening to their happy shrieks as the spin on the tire-swing, and the birds chirping high in the trees. Sometimes, there is an Eagle circling the tops of the trees.

We sometimes take a picnic snack or lunch, and we almost always hike through the trails. The kids climb the steps of the treehouse and knock on the miniature door at the foot of a tall tree. No one is ever home, but the children imagine it is a squirrel who lives there, and that he is always out, busy collecting nuts to store in his tree. 

We take the longish way around, because I particularly like the pathway that circles through a pretty  clearing. The boughs of the trees form an intricate arch over the path, and the exposed, knotty roots of the trees make the pathway interesting, especially if I happen to be pushing the stroller. 

At Redwood park, I can let the kids just be kids. They can run ahead of me, without me cautioning them to stay close. It is a quiet place, where we can get refreshed and spend some time in nature. 

It is a lovely place to be. You should go!