Tuesday, September 2, 2008


There are so many places I could start, so I'll just start with the present. 

Today was "Back to School" for all of the teachers, students and parents. Instead of relating to the students and teachers, as I normally would, today I was struck by the realization that one year from today, my eldest son will be starting Kindergarten. Wow. I felt akin to the moms and dads who were sending their babies off to school for the first time.

I do love this time of year. I often lament that I am no longer a student who requires a crisp new outfit or a fancy new binder and pen. I did, however, head to the mall yesterday amidst all the back to school shoppers and spent my birthday money on some new clothes. And I bought myself a new day-timer, just for fun. Ummm, and to be organized.

Summer is mostly gone, that is evident by the chill in the evening air, and the slow turning of the leaves. I can't wait to see them all change into their Fall colors. I haven't given up the flip-flops yet, but am already planning what my children will wear for Trick-or-Treating. I've signed my son up for new sessions of skating, rather than swimming lessons.

Next week, my four-year old begins his final year of preschool. I am going to try to enjoy the seasons of the coming year with my kids. The time goes so fast!