Thursday, September 11, 2008


Matty and Ben

Today, I actually had to pull over to the side of the road, and rearrange the carseats so that the two boys were not sitting next to each other. I originally had Ben in the middle, with Matty next to him on the passenger side. Ben kept grabbing whatever Matty had in his hands, making Matthew very upset! Shrieking ensued. 

Evidently, even though Ben isn't even a year-old yet, he is able to annoy his big brother beyond measure. "Nooooooo, Ben!" A frequent refrain in our household these days, as Benjamin has become very mobile, and curious about everything that his big brother does. Matty prefers to build alone, or at least not to have his creations destroyed by little brother fingers.

There are sweet moments too, such as when Matty "lets" Ben use his special blankie, or when he is suddenly overcome with generosity towards his brother and says, "Ben, let's play! Come on, Ben!" 

I'm sure our house will see it's share of wrestling and shouting, but I hope it will also witness some brotherly hugs and a few block towers built together by two little boys. Brothers always and forever... Matty & Ben.